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In the Afterglow

In the Afterglow is a creative non-fiction compilation of personal thoughts on subject matters such as life experiences, heart break, loss, and ultimately, healing. Written from the heart of an empathetic and poetically inclined author, In the Afterglow is sure to resound in some part of your soul. And your eyes will dance with delight at the magical photography by Robert Edwardsen, included as part of this collaboration between two creatives from Portland, Oregon.

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Are My Eyes Still Tame?

Are My Eyes Still Tame? is authoress Raquel Z. Duarte’s second collection of poetry and prose. In it, she writes about different aspects of life that she has seen, perceived, and beheld through her brown eyes. Released over a year after her first book, Raquel’s experiences in life matured her spirit and in turn, her writing. Many readers have commented on the different style of writing it consists of, comparing it to her debut release, Pluviophile.

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Released in November 2017, Pluviophile is Raquel’s debut book. A collection of poems written over the first two years of this young author’s life, when she first discovered that writing poetry was her destiny. Written from her [then] current outlook on life, love and heartbreak. “Beautiful book! Pulls on your heart strings but definitely worth the read!!!” as one reviewer commented.

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