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From the author of Pluviophile and Are My Eyes Still Tame?, Raquel Z. Duarte brings a new flavor of her writing style to life through this unique collaboration.

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Legitimately only like 5 pages in and I have teared up twice. I am in love with this book. [You are] so magnificently talented. All of your words touch a cord with my heart and soul.


Beautiful book! Pulls on your heart strings! But definitely worth the read!!!


I want to give a copy of these books to my daughter. She's ten now, but I'd love the opportunity to give her your books with my written-in notes of why she should look to women like you for inspiration of what it can look like to be a strong woman in this world.


This book is so gorgeous. It's a collection of thoughts, impressions and poems, and it's eye-opening, thought provoking, a deep and beautiful journey, all within the two covers of the book. My only complaint is that I wish it were longer! Raquel has a keen eye for people, hearts, and her own soul, and she impels others to be that way, as well. It's a really warm, really pondering read. Expressive, eloquent, like melted chocolate by the fire on a snowy day, or a walk on the seashore in the cooler, golden light of a summer dusk! You won't be disappointed with this! I look forward to more from this amazing author!


First off, I'm not one to sit down and read a book. I bought this one and decided that I'd give it a shot. I couldn't put it down! It's real! Not like other books where the script is 'too perfect'. This is written as a person's thoughts put down on paper as they were thought, and not changed. I connected to the style of writing and the content as well. I HIGHLY recommend this book! I love it!


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